Aug 4, 2023


In the last year we have organised lots of regular youth groups meeting at the Youth Flatand Woodside Fountain Centre. Two girls groups and a boys groups split by ages, a mixed group, music lessons, drop in, sports club and a transition group. We are working with around 45 young people every week, with more in the holidays.

over the past year the groups have introduced a relaxed session into their program, sosome weeks its activity based and other weeks they are chatting more, and do impromptu activities.

we ran an 8 week transition group to integrate and build relationships between P7 AND S1in preparation for secondary school and youth groups.

we supported young people to run their own youth café every week, learning how to serve, cash up, rotate stock etc… They also completed level 1 and 2 of Food and Hygiene Certificate.

Boxing YOUTH- “Really good fun”, “do it again”, STAFF “everyone enjoyed themselves and pushed themselves”

The young promoters project finished after hosting several successful community arts and culture events in the community in partnership with North East Arts Touring.

A new group called the Prom Committee are now organising a summer promfor the young people that missed out on their junior and senior proms because of the pandemic.

A small group of young people completed a 6week course in Podcasting in partnership with SHMU FM.

SHMU feedback YOUTHS “Learned new skills with set up” “grew in confidence, speaking into the microphone” “has gave me opportunities to join different groups in the future”

WORKER “despite low numbers there was somany great outcomes- it was a greatgroup to work with, gained new confidence and communication skills

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