Youth Work (12-25)

Fersands and fountain provide youth services to ages 12-21 for our local residents.

We put on sessions for youths to use as they need in a safe space where they come to learn new skills, grow in confidence, socialise and develop a good working relationship with their peers as well as the amazing youth work staff.

Our team of 8- including 2 music tutors and 6 youth workers have the most rewarding job, supporting the youths; giving the next generation to carve their own paths.


Providing 5 youth groups a week means instead of teenagers hanging out on the streets, they have opportunities to learn valuable skills and a chance to work towards their future goals.  In their developed groups, they participate in decision making. Where they choose activities as a team supported by staff, to create their weekly programme.

Activities can be cooking sessions where they pick a recipe, make together, eat and review so they can make this at home independently. Other activities can be arts and crafts where they learn new techniques to create amazing art work, create jewellery or candles, exploring new hobbies they wouldn’t have the opportunity to elsewhere.

Football, games night, swimming, transition extreme are just a few of the popular choices that the youths gain confidence + grow in self esteem after completing these challenges as a group. Every year our youths work towards and fundraise for their summer camps where they achieve so much life skills, making memories they will remember for a lifetime!

Youth summer