Woodside Pantry

A recent survey suggested that all members of the Pantry think they save between £15 and £20 per week with the deals they get at the Pantry.

Around eighty members use this service every week so collectively they could be saving as much as £80,000 per year. So Members have more money in their pockets to spend on other essentials and in other local shops and businesses.

Due to many factors we were worried that the deliveries we were getting wasn't always offering the greatest choice to customers so we were pleased with the responses.

The pantry service brings people together from all over Woodside and offers something to many families from all different backgrounds and shows how diverse our community is.

Currently we have over 15 nationalities using the service.

The Pantry concept was to offer an alternative to food banks, although they can help in an emergency they do not work long term and some become dependant on the mand for some it has stigma attached.

This is an alternative solution offering peoplesome choice and dignity as all members get the shopping experience while choosing what they want . It can save families considerable money from their weekly food shops helping them cope better on a tight budget. 

The Pantry relies on food donated by large companies and many of the donations would go to waste if they could not be used in this way. So the Pantry concept is reducing food waste and distributing it to families in need and we are proud to offer this service.


For more information, please contact Almas Musajeva