Get Involved!

Fersands and Fountain Community Project is all about involving the community in our organisation. We want to help people in the community to deal with their own problems, work together with other residents and find the right solutions for this area.

We want to consult with residents to ensure we are doing the right things and offering the right kind of services.

We want to involve residents in the management and decision making of the Project. We don’t care about your previous experience, if you are interested in helping us make decisions and look at how we can improve services then we are interested in helping you.

We want to employ local people to work and volunteer in our services so they can build experience and see how the service is operating and again, help us improve.

We currently support eleven volunteer management committee members who make policy decisions and keep the project going. We also train and encourage volunteer minibus drivers who transport our many groups around to different activities. During the summer we need Play Scheme volunteers to escort, supervise and plan outings and activities for the local children.

You can volunteer to work in our Family Centre childcare services and learn the important stages of child development, etc.

Fundraising volunteers meet to organise and plan events to raise money for specific activities.

We support a community magazine, “The Free Press”, and are always keen to meet volunteers who may be interested in helping out.


If you are interested in any of these opportunities please contact Mark

At the Community Center.
Alternatively you can Email or visit out Facebook page.