Fersands Cafe

In October 2022 we launched the Fersands Cafe, ran by volunteers in direct response to the Cost of Living Crisis. Until July 2023 we offered a free breakfast and free lunch every Monday and Tuesday, serving nearly 4,000 free meals to the community. 

In April one of our volunteers  become the cafe manager and they now support a small team of volunteers to ensure the smooth running of our fab cafe.  From the 1st of July we put on a small charge of £1.50 per meal to enable us to continue offering a fantastic service to the community.

Volunteers have went through training and gained certificates to help create a better service. Breakfast is a continental menu ,with toast ,fruit, yoghurt, cereal, with Tea ,Coffee or Juice. At Lunch Baked tatties, Paninis, Mince & Tatties, Soup and sandwiches are some of the favourites we regularly serve.

All home cooked with healthy ingredients the service can provide much needed meals for people in great need. It provides a comfortable and warm space for friends to meet up and chat. It can save several pounds to many families.

Residents of all backgrounds and ages have used the services ,even the nursery children like to visit and have dinner at our community cafe.


For more information:- Please contact Almas Musajeva