Family Support

Family Centre and The Nursery

The Family Centre offers all families in the community modern well equipped high quality Nursery Service for children aged 2-5 years. Our experienced and highly trained members of staff look after around 40 children a day at the morning or afternoon sessions The nursery have families attending from many differant nationalities and the children often learn to speak english as they attend our setting. Childcare Practitioners meet regularly with parents to update them on the childs progress. Now workers  can send parents instant photographs of their children learning at nursery which helps reassure anxious parents .This helps us build good strong relations with parents and involves parents with their childs kearning.                                                                              We are always looking to improve and get better so our children can reach school with the best possible chance of succeeding and  ready to learn.                                                                                                                                                                                                      We offer 1140 hours of free childcare to eligible families. Nursery sessions run from 7.45-12.30 and 12.45-5.30 for 48 weeks per year. We want to offer a high quality childcare experience in a welcoming and stimulating environment to children aged 2-5yrs.We have not had a Care Inspectorate visit for a while but Inspections done by Aberdeen City Childcare specialists have resulted in high prsaise for many aspects of our Nurserys standards of care & nurturing and stimulating environment.

We are very proud to offer a range of support to families at the Nursery and in Woodside  thro8gh our Family Support Worker. The Family worker will accompany key worker to visit every family before they start Nursery.Here they can talk to every parent and find out more about any support thats required.The family worker is available for 1-1 support and regularly meets around 8 parents per week.The worker also supports the Parent & Toddler group which is used by 20 families every week.The Cost of Living Crisis has had an great  impact on all of our families and our Family Worker has been able to support many families with grocery vouchers ,christmas presents and other grants for families facing specific hardship.


Many vulnerable families have benefited from grants or supermarket vouchers that the family worker has sourced. Over the year the family centre have supported 50 families with around £2500 value in Supermarket vouchers. The Family Support Worker has observed a significant deterioration in the mental health and wellbeing of some of the families she supports. The cost of living increases has absolutely been a major stress factor for all families but particularly for those who were already struggling with other huge life events.

Our worker has been providing ongoing practical, emotional and bereavement support to many families going through extremely difficult times. Families dealing with bereavement of a parent affecting partner and children, families living with life changing and life threatening illness. Families with mental health issues with no other place to turn to for support. Families fleeing abuse or arriving in the community with little possessions or support of any kind. The Family worker is based at the family centre and visits all our new Nursery families to offer support and advice.

Our family Worker also supports the Mother and Toddler group open to wider Woodside and surrounding areas and acts as a Child Protection Officer to ensure all child protection matters are dealt with appropriately.

Our main objectives are to:-

Offer High Quality Childcare and Educational Opportunities for children two to five years, which promote Self-Esteem, Confidence and Developing Independence.

Create a Welcoming, Safe and Stimulating Environment that nurtures respect, health & wellbeing, and enthusiastic & motivated learning.

Be committed to Staff Development and the Evaluation and Improvement of Services, foster positive Links with Other Agencies in order to better support children and their families.

Nurture quality in family life, acceptance of others and a basic insight into the world around us.

Be committed to our Partnership with the Early Year and Child Care Team and our responsibility to provide wide variety of experiences which promote children's learning and development in the Nursery Setting, through the Curriculum for Excellence.

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